Over 7 years of trading via unineed.com, we have built relationships with a number of international delivery partners and local warehousing and logistics suppliers.

Our comprehensive logistics options allow you to choose the routes to market best suited to the customer and to your business including direct parcel import and local inventory via bonded warehouses.

When directly shipping from ‘home’ warehouses, brands and retailers face lower upfront costs and can offer a wider variety of SKUs while also building trust with the customer when purchasing directly from the source.

Holding stock locally in tax-free zones allows for faster delivery and also permits a range of heavy or bulky items to be sold. For larger vendors with predictable demand patterns, it can reduce overall logistics costs to below that of direct shipping on a per parcel basis.

International Shipping

Favourable shipping prices are extremely important to maintain an economically viable direct shipping route to cross-border ecommerce sales.

Without volume discounts, air freight to China is prohibitively expensive for most items.

Using our international shipping arrangements gives you access to competitive prices from the first day of trading, and allows you to offer the incentive of free shipping according to your chosen fulfilment policies which removes a significant barrier to sales from the customer point of view.

Competitive prices

from the first day of trading

Bonded Warehouse

Unineed Group provides bonded warehouse services via a facility in Henan, Central China.

Operating from the Zhengzhou special economic zone, our bonded warehouse makes use of the Chinese government's special cross-border ecommerce regulatory framework to minimise tariffs and frictions when holding local inventory within China.

Our clients using the bonded warehouse services are able to take advantage of extremely low pick & pack & delivery fees, and delivery to most mainland major population centres within 24 hours. The bonded warehouse is particularly suited to large and bulky items, perishable products, and other categories where the items are available domestically and express delivery provides a competitive advantage.

Customs Compliance

Correct shipping information is important to ensure parcels are not held by Chinese customs.

Drawing relevant information directly from our order database, our global distribution partners ensure customs labels are filled correctly with accurate item descriptions and values.

When moving inventory into local warehouses our service partners ensure compliance with all relevant import regulations.

Our Services

Web Development & Localisation

Built to overcome the challenges faced when selling to Chinese and international customers.

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Payment Gateways

Access to all major Chinese payment gateways, including AliPay, WeChat Pay and credit/debit cards.

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Access a full range of marketing services to drive online sales in a Chinese-language environment.

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We translate your product catalogue and all other elements of your existing website into Chinese.

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Customer Service

Deliver high-quality customer service across all points of contact including email, chat and telephone.

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