Unineed Group is the only UK end-to-end provider combining all major elements including web development, payment gateway, marketing, distribution, translation and customer service into a single platform targeting the Chinese market. We are experts in cross-border ecommerce, with capabilities built over years of online trading via our marketplace unineed.com

We offer a bespoke pricing arrangement with a minimal set-up fee based on the development work required to interface between your existing systems and our platform

Our ongoing commision in based on a VAT+ model, whereby we charge the equivalent of VAT had the sale been made within the EU, plus a small percentage fee based on the ex-VAT price. Please get in touch to arrange a customised quote

Our head office is in Glasgow, Scotland, with a Chinese office in Suqian, Jiangsu Province providing local services including marketing, customer service and translation

All your points of contact will be with dedicated UK-based client service agent

The investment in technology and skills required to build a competitive China-focused cross-border ecommerce platform is prohibitively high for all but the largest of retailers and brand.

We allow you to share the costs of doing so amongst all our partners, and access to our significant expertise and know-how built over years of our own experience

We use API or FTP interfaces to draw required data from all major ecommerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud etc. We are also able to work via order management middleware such as Linnworks, Zoho, ShipStation etc. Unconventional integrations to bespoke or uncommon systems are all possible

No. All elements of the platform are handled entirely by us, you are not required to enter into any other contracts or agreements. Certain services, for example social media channels, will require a letter of authorisation for us to act on your behalf

We are experts in Chinese cross-border ecommerce. Our joined-up approach combines all the different elements required in order to maximise sales

China contains c. 10m English speakers, some of whom are comfortable placing orders via English language websites. However, in order to target the remaining 1,369m you will need a localised website, along with digital marketing, customer service and appropriate logistics solutions including low-cost direct shipping or local warehousing

We can combine all of these elements together onto a single platform, leaving you to concentrate on your core business while we maximise your sales in China

Once you sign a partnership agreement, it will take us 2-4 months to build and translate a Chinese version of your website. Once the site goes live we will begin digital marketing efforts and expect to make sales immediately. The exact growth rate will depend heavily on your product mix, pricing and supply chain

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