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Our pricing model works on a commission basis; our fees are taken as a percentage of your sales generated through our platform.

We believe the partnership approach is the best way to ensure our interests are truly aligned with yours. Your dedicated team, from client support to marketing and customer service are all invested in your success and working towards a common goal.

Dedicated Team

From the beginning you will have a dedicated team for your account, ensuring our employees in Glasgow and Suqian learn who you are and how to best represent your business in a foreign market. At all times you will have UK account manager on hand to give you oversight and input.

Fee Structure

Our fees are set on a ‘VAT+’ basis, meaning our fees cover the equivalent of the VAT charged on a domestic sale, plus a small percentage. Sales into China do not incur VAT and for most of our partners, our fees are less than the equivalent cost of VAT and digital marketing for a domestic sale, meaning they gain access to the largest ecommerce market in the world without sacrificing margins.

Web Development
& Localisation




Customer Service

Our single fee structure covers all services provided, ensuring there are no further hidden costs to you. Ongoing development costs, marketing costs, customer services costs, and payment gateway fees are all paid from our commission. Shipping costs are borne by you or your customer, according to your chosen fulfilment policies.

Option 1

Moderate upfront fee with low ongoing commission.

Suitable for retailers wishing to access the Chinese market at the lowest possible ongoing cost.

Option 2

Small upfront fee with moderate ongoing commission.

Blended approach balancing upfront investment and ongoing cost.

Option 3

No upfront fee with high ongoing commission.

Risk-free approach for retailers wishing to test the market.

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